Estate Sales

Knowing and understanding that the Probate process is a complicated and time consuming process, our mission is to help families make this process as stress free and as time conscious as possible, by providing a wide array of concierge services that encompass many aspects of the Probate process:

  1. Network of experienced attorneys, accountants, financial advisers, notary public.
  2. Personal property management: network of personal property appraisers, auctioneers, resale specialists that can help with sorting, donating, recycling, antiques evaluation, selling, disposing and packing of personal property.
  3. Real Estate Property management: cleaning services, contractors, movers, landscapers, security assessors, property preservation contacts.
  4. Real Estate Property sales:  complimentary in-depth market analysis and customized cutting edge marketing programs specifically designed to sell Estate Sale homes.  Network of certified appraisers for official property evaluations for court required documents.

Our Team is standing by and is available 7 days a week to answer all questions and help our future and current clients.

If you are in need of the Estate Sale services, please contact our Team for more information: 267.242.2712 or, or complete the form below:

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