About Olga and the Team


Olga immigrated to United States at the age of 15 with her family and brought with her just one suitcase. The family came to US to experience and to live an American Dream and have better lives.

She graduated in the top 2% of her high school class, went on to the college of her choice and received her Bachelor of Science degree in International Business, with 2 minors: Economics and French Language.

After graduation, Olga worked in a corporate world for 5 years before leaving to spend time with her young daughters.

Today she is an army wife, a mother of 2 daughters and a successful business woman.

While caring for her young girls, she discovered her true career passion: Real Estate. She got involved in many different and exciting aspects of the real estate world: investing, flips, foreclosures, and became a professional licensed real estate agent in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Today, 11 years later, Olga and her successful Real Estate Team work out of #1 in sales and volume office in Bucks County and are a part of Keller Williams Realty Family, an amazing and supportive organization that is dedicated to their agents. Their focus is Bucks County, PA (includes NE Philadelphia), Burlington and Mercer Counties, NJ (Includes Princeton).

Olga is honored to be partnered with these talented team members:

Paulynn Resurreccion, executive assistant.

Marina Sahin, director of marketing.

Rick Richeal, director of photography.

Richard St. Pierre, director of operations.




2 thoughts on “About Olga and the Team”

  1. Sandra Kitain said:

    Trivia Question Answer is: A half bath has a toilet and a sink.
    Sandra Kitain

    • Olga St Pierre said:

      Hi Sandra!

      Thank you very much for your reply. I will be in touch shortly after 9/20 after we have tallied and sorted through all the responses.


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